About Me, Me, Me!

Trolley Dolly, Waitress of the Sky, Flight Attendant, Air Hostess, Stewardess, Cabin Crew, Tart with a Cart.... Whatever you want to call me you will find me nursing the injured, counseling the troubled, fighting the fires, babysitting the kids, and not to forget serving the tea and coffee! :D 

I am a 27 year old Scouser (as in from Liverpool), living in Chester and working from London (Yes I do a hell of a commute!!)

I love reading blogs, and hope to bring some joy to the world with my little ray of sunshine! I will be blogging about hair, beauty, fashion with odd tales of my travels!

I love reading your comments and will respond to each and every one! If you want to contact me my email address is shell_21@hotmail.com

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