Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Love is in the air........

So it’s nearly that time of year for Love…… Valentines Day!! (Not that I will be celebrating as my boyfriend is away until April !!)

Any how I’ve noticed a lot of lovely heart and love themed clothes and accessories in the shops…. So thought I would share some of them with you… (start dropping hints now girls!)

White Heart Print Jeans -River Island - £40.00 Available Here

Pink Leather Heart Purse - Topshop - £12.00 Available Here

Heart Eyelashes - ASOS - £15.00 Available Here

Love Heart Bracelet - - £6.00 Available Here

Heart Print Tights - Missguided - £9.99 Available Here

Gold Heart T Shirt - Topshop - £18.00 Available Here

What will you girls be getting for Valentines Day? Please link any heart themed clothes below so I can check them out!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

New Make Up Storage!!!

Hey Dollies..... 

So I just wanted to share with you my new make up storage!! 

1 Set (2 Drawers)

2 Sets Stacked (4 Drawers)
Ta daaaaaaa!!

Am sure a lot of you will have seen these before.... but for those of you who haven't they are from Muji and available to buy here. They are £10.95 for 1 set (which contains 2 drawers). I bought 2 and the shipping charge was £2.95. The ones I got are the 'Wide' ones... you can also get them in 'Narrow' which are £7.95 here. You can also get them where the lid flips up here!! 

They are made from Acrylic and are really strong and sturdy. The drawers are quite deep and you can pull them out completely. The great thing about them is that you can get more and stack them as your make up collection grows! They are always being compared to the famous Kim Kardashian 'Cube' storage system.

If these don't float your boat here's some other make up storage ideas....

 Cupcake Drawers - WHSmith (click here) for £12.99

Skubb Boxes (Set of 6) - Ikea (Click here) for £5.99

Seagrass Basket - Tesco Direct (click here) for £3.50

Zinc Hanging Tealight Holder- Luna Originals (click here) for £2.50

Cupcake Stand - Ebay (Click here) for £23.99

There's loads of house hold items that can be funked up and used as storage as well.... Glasses, Cups, Jam Jars, Cutlery Drawers, Plant Pots, Drawer Dividers, Candle Holders ...... the list is endless!!

How do you store your make up? Please link any make up collections/ storage ideas below and I will definatley check them out!!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Detox time? The Refresh and Recover Beauty Box is here!!!

Hey lovelies! 

So I wanted to tell you all about Latest In Beauty, which is a kind of 'Try before you buy' site specializing in beauty products, and in particular their latest beauty box!

Now the great thing about this beauty box is that it is NOT a monthly subscription. You get to see what is in the box on the website and then decide to buy it or what depending on if you fancy what's inside. And the box is perfectly sized to fit through the letterbox! (No more trawling to the post office to pick up your beauty box!) The only bad thing is that they only release a new box every couple of months or so - so you have to wait a while for your next fix! 

On to the box itself...... this is the latest offering and it is called 'The Refresh and Recover' box (who doesn't need one of these in January right?!) Some of the things in it are a little random, but hey lets give it a go anyway! This box costs £6.95 and for this you get 6 standard items and get to pick the other 2, that's a massive 8 items in total (and for some reason I got an extra item in my box - woop!)

My Box Containing; Bastise Tropical dry shampoo (50ml), Dove Hair Therapy Conditioner (50ml), Lavera Hand Cream (20ml) Cosmetofruit Total Body Boost (30ml), Sun Shots Sunscreen (20ml), Fig & Rouge Balm (8ml), Teapigs Peppermint Teabag (1 bag), Actimint Mints (3 mints), Monu Recovery Balm (5ml)

  • Batiste - THE only dry shampoo to have, I love this to throw in my liquid bag for when I am away on my travels! Simply spray in hair to refresh between washes! 
  •  Dove Hair Therapy Conditioner - I LOVE this! I am quite a hair product snob and don't stray from my Salon products.... But I have to admit this is just as good as my Sebastian Treatment. I use this as a treatment after washing and conditioning (leave on for about 5 mins)
  • Lavera Hand Cream -  smells of Palma Violets a little! I have sooo many hand creams as they seem to be in every beauty box at the mo!
      *The Batiste and Dove where the 2 extra products I picked out myself

  • Monu Recovery Balm - put on after cleansing and toning... Monu are really pushing there products at the mo (this box came with a huge Monu Booklet aswell)
  • Sun Shots - SPF 25 Suncream - This was kind of an extra as it wasn't on the list to be in the box. I'e had these before and they are fab to throw in my liquid bag for when am on standby (not knowing if I am gonna end up somewhere hot or not!)
  • Fig and Rouge Balm - For protecting skin against dryness; can be used on lip, face and body. I am not the biggest fan of this smell (sweet geranium). It wont drag me away from my Moa Green Balm!

               Now for the Randomness!!!!!!!! Not the usual things you would expect to find in a beauty box but kinda makes it cool!
  • ActiMint - Mints which have 'Friendly Bacteria' to help aid good digestive health. The idea of consuming bacteria (friendly or not) kinda freaks me out a little ... however I will definatley be packing these in my work handbag so I can have minty fresh breath during my 11 hour flight!
  • Teapigs Peppermint Teabag - Kinda a pyramid teabag with 'real' tealeaves inside. Unfortunately I don't drink tea or coffee so will be passing on this one.
  • Cosmetofruit Body Boost - This thing actually confused the heck out of me... but I eventually figured it out .... you put 4ml a day into the little white space ship thing it comes with and drink it.... Yes DRINK it!! (It is Cranberry and Wild Murta flavour) Wierd hey!? The idea is it repairs from the inside and drains fluid and lipids preventing cellulite. Whilst just the thought of this makes me wanna gag I am definatley going to give it a go.... this sample should last 7 days so am going to combine it with a few good gym sessions.

Ooo I almost forgot to add some money off codes came with this box if anyone is interested.... 
20% off a full size Monu Recovery Balm : enter code RECOVERYLIB at (ends 29th Feb)
20% off Matcha Tea ; enter code BEAUTY12 at (ends 31st Jan)

Has anyone else received this box?! If so what 2 samples did you pick yourselves? And has anyone gave the Cosmetofruit a go yet? 

Monday, 2 January 2012

Monster nails!

Hello Lovelies!!

I wanted to introduce you all to one of my lovely Xmas presents...... my Bundle Monster stamping plates. There are 2 different sets available by Bundle Monster - I went for set 2 as it had better reviews and more designs on that I would use. This set has 25 plates in and each plate has 6 designs on (that's a massive 150 designs!). The designs include full nail wraps, tip only designs and single pictures.

'So....... How does it work?!'

Well to start with you will need the following:

Available HERE

Available HERE

Your regular stuff will do!

Fast drying polishes work and Konad also do a specialist stamping range

'I've got my list .... now what!?'
1. To start off with clean the nail (you can either stamp onto your natural nail or on to a pre-painted nail)

2. Apply nail polish generously all over the desired image 

3. Scrape the scraper across the polish

(Which will leave your image looking something like this)

4. Push down on the image with your stamper in a simple up and down motion (don't roll it on or wiggle it otherwise the image will smudge)

(Your image will be transferred on to the stamper like this)

5. Line the image up and place onto the nail in a rolling motion (side to side)

6. Clean up your plate, scraper and any stray polish with your remover and cotton pads/buds.

And TAA DAA repeat as desired and finish with a top coat!

My first proper attempt at stamping.... Not too shabby if I say so myself!

Has anyone else had a go at stamping? I would love to see your designs! 

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Monthly Subscription to Shoes?!

Sounds too good to be true right?! Well it's here for £39.95 per month!

With the sweet Geordie sound of Cheryl Cole on the advert my ears stuck up and I paid attention! The advert was for Stylist Pick ... so I popped in the web address and scooted over to have a look. 

First off you take a free style quiz - which consists of 20 multiple choice questions (eg 'Who's celeb style do you admire the most?). After answering these 20 questions you are then given your 'Result'....

My 'Edgy' Look Book Style Result Page


You are then able to browse a few items (There is also bags and accessories to choose from) while the style team get to work creating a personalised 'Showroom' just for you. It took about a week or so for my first Showroom to come through and then then a new Showroom is up for you on the 1st of every month. Here's some of my 'Picks':

So how much does it cost I hear you cry! Well its £39.95 per month and for this you get to choose an item from your Showroom (Shoes, Bag or Accessory) to be delivered to your door. P&P is free and so is returns! HOWEVER your first item is 25% off (so £29.95).

Sounds great..... What's the catch?! Once you make your first purchase you automatically become a VIP Member - whereby the subscription cost is taken every month. Of course there may not be any items you want from your showroom that month - you can of course 'Skip the Month' but you have to do this by Midnight of the 5th of each month. Now the thing is if you forget to hit the 'Skip the Month' button they will charge you the £39.95 and a store credit will be charged to your account (valid for 2 years). This is the main drawback for me.... as if you forget it is a lot of money to be taken from your account and held in a store credit. Also everything on the site is the same price (£39.95) apart from the Cheryl Cole items (which is a shame as they are nicest items!).

From my showroom nothing really jumps out at me so I wont be purchasing anything this month.... But I love this concept! Fingers crossed for some better items in my Showroom in Jan!

Is anyone else signed up to this site? What do you gals think?

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Welcome and Thanks!!

My first ever blog post! Well where do I start? 

By saying thanks of course! Thanks for 'flying' by to check me out.... I have decided to create this little bloggy as I love reading other peoples blog and vlogs. The world of blogging has introduced me to so many products and services I wouldn't have know about otherwise - and I am hoping I can share some knowledge too!

For those of you who aren't into Jumbo Jets, Turbulence and Sick Bags don't worry as I plan on sharing many Beauty and Fashion secrets which I hope you will enjoy! For those of you that do love spotting the odd plane I am sure I will have many stories to share with you too!

I have a few exciting posts in the pipeline and hopefully my first proper post will be coming very soon!

Any hints or tips about my blog please feel free to comment - I am always on the search for new blogs to follow so please let me know if you have any recommendations! :)