Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Welcome and Thanks!!

My first ever blog post! Well where do I start? 

By saying thanks of course! Thanks for 'flying' by to check me out.... I have decided to create this little bloggy as I love reading other peoples blog and vlogs. The world of blogging has introduced me to so many products and services I wouldn't have know about otherwise - and I am hoping I can share some knowledge too!

For those of you who aren't into Jumbo Jets, Turbulence and Sick Bags don't worry as I plan on sharing many Beauty and Fashion secrets which I hope you will enjoy! For those of you that do love spotting the odd plane I am sure I will have many stories to share with you too!

I have a few exciting posts in the pipeline and hopefully my first proper post will be coming very soon!

Any hints or tips about my blog please feel free to comment - I am always on the search for new blogs to follow so please let me know if you have any recommendations! :)

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