Saturday, 28 January 2012

New Make Up Storage!!!

Hey Dollies..... 

So I just wanted to share with you my new make up storage!! 

1 Set (2 Drawers)

2 Sets Stacked (4 Drawers)
Ta daaaaaaa!!

Am sure a lot of you will have seen these before.... but for those of you who haven't they are from Muji and available to buy here. They are £10.95 for 1 set (which contains 2 drawers). I bought 2 and the shipping charge was £2.95. The ones I got are the 'Wide' ones... you can also get them in 'Narrow' which are £7.95 here. You can also get them where the lid flips up here!! 

They are made from Acrylic and are really strong and sturdy. The drawers are quite deep and you can pull them out completely. The great thing about them is that you can get more and stack them as your make up collection grows! They are always being compared to the famous Kim Kardashian 'Cube' storage system.

If these don't float your boat here's some other make up storage ideas....

 Cupcake Drawers - WHSmith (click here) for £12.99

Skubb Boxes (Set of 6) - Ikea (Click here) for £5.99

Seagrass Basket - Tesco Direct (click here) for £3.50

Zinc Hanging Tealight Holder- Luna Originals (click here) for £2.50

Cupcake Stand - Ebay (Click here) for £23.99

There's loads of house hold items that can be funked up and used as storage as well.... Glasses, Cups, Jam Jars, Cutlery Drawers, Plant Pots, Drawer Dividers, Candle Holders ...... the list is endless!!

How do you store your make up? Please link any make up collections/ storage ideas below and I will definatley check them out!!


  1. I've been wanting to get these storage boxes from muji for a while now but ended up using my two boxes from Sanctuary :o) lol.

  2. @LaaLaa Monroe - I tried to make some glossyboxes into a little set of drawers but failed miserably!! So had to bite the bullet and get these! x